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average spriter here

2009-02-22 02:06:44 by average-spriter

hey average spriter here just tellen you i finally decided to join newgrounds gotta host your flash somewhere you know so anyway

peace out

average spriter here


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2009-03-06 00:21:55

good cant wait to see what flash you make. if you need a quick idea i might be able to help you out.

average-spriter responds:

ok thanks im pretty sure i'll ask you sometime


2009-03-06 17:36:31

ok just send me a message if you want some help or ideas

average-spriter responds:

ok thx


2009-03-07 09:03:28

I hope to see some real sprites from you. Most 'spriters' here only know how to make recolors of Sonic characters.

average-spriter responds:

oh you'll see more than just recolors (and im not doing recolors i edit or make my own sprites)


2009-03-07 17:05:03

im with chdonga

average-spriter responds:



2009-03-10 20:53:13

welcome here! can't wait to see what can do for newgrounds ^^

average-spriter responds:

thanks and dont worry im pimpin on newgrounds (^_^)